Irregular periods, hormones, mood swings, fatigue, stomach aches, headaches, stress and anxiety


I've Got You Covered

Women's Health

Lover's Embrace

Natural fertility, unexplained infertility, miscarriage, anovulation, endometriosis, PCOS, polyps, semen issues, IUI, IVF


Ready Your Baby Body


Nausea, back pain, hip pain, sinusitis, placenta previa, hemorrhoids, anxiety, breech baby, labor induction


Nine Months of Care


Beautiful Girl Playing with Mobile

Pain, energy, bleeding, headaches, fatigue, anxiety, depression


Return To Strength


Treat fine lines, boost collagen and get that natural glow with acupuncture and facial cupping.


Freshen Up


Professional Woman

Schedule a once a month, 1.5 hour whole body wellness package


Monthly Program

Boss Lady 

Smiling Middle Aged Woman

Abdominal massage to release stored emotions and tension in the organs


Rid The Traumas 

Stomach Massage

Ease  neck , shoulder, upper back, low back, calf, IT band and hamstring pain with a quick 30 minute cupping only session


30 Minutes To Relieve Tension

Cupping Nap

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